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Imperial Age

Visit official website...
For all those who want to play ImperialKaskins's masterpieces online we decided to prepare a Standalone Installation of the game which can be ran without having Renegade Installed.
Click the button below to view the information page on indiedb, vote for us and download it:
Renegade Imperial Age

Tib Crystal War

Visit official website...
An awesome standalone conversion of the Renegade Engine with CnC3 buildings, units, and assets in a First Person Shooter. Brothers and Sisters! Rejoice! For the day has come, the day that we will change the course of the Tiberium Crystal War! Join Nod or GDI in the epic struggle for Tiberium.
Tiberium Crystal War

Server Status

NewMaps |(0) |0vs0 |(0)|C&C_Conquest_Winter.mix
NewMaps Stats Here | Snipers Stats Here


Kickass Serverside Modification

Welcome to the information page for the Serverside Modification UltraAOW.
Ultra All Out War developed by MPF-Games is a serverside modification with a bunch of new extra commands, new custom taunt sounds, custom player text and icon tags, killingspree notifications, player bounty hunting, purchasable defenses, special powerups and special crates.

We also have our own Veterancy System integrated into the server. You can achieve 12 levels of veterancy: Amateur, Experienced, Corporal, Sergeant, Advanced, Vanguard, Veteran, Ensign, Elite, Lieutenant, Commando & Hero which all have their extra's and upgrades such as additional weaponry, extra health or armor and even health or armor regeneration.

Our server requires you to be running the latest Tiberian Technologies script updated files which at the time of writing is version 4.1 Final
If you do not already have it then please get the client installation from their official website below:
tiberiantechnologies official download site

In addition to 4.1, many D2 and MPF maps require a special keys.cfg to execute commands on the server for deploying vehicles, placing obstacles and mines and other functions. You can download the automatic installer here or the manual installation zip here.

Using TT 4.1 Final Update you can download maps while connecting or playing on our server automatically. However if you have a somewhat slower connection that may cause lag issues sometimes. We also provide a mappack which you can download and pre-install before joining, this way you rarely need to download anything while ingame. You can download the mappack here (894MB).

Also note you will be able to join our server through RenList's GSA features
In addition to RenList you may also connect to our server through XWIS by selecting the serverhost 'newmaps' or 'snipers'. For instructions to use XWIS please see this link (valid serial required).

Latest News

Snipers Ranks Reset & Prize April 20...

Snipers Server Ranks Reset
The Snipers Server ranks were reset today so everyone will have to start at zero.
View the stats page, currently cleared, over here.

Snipers Prize April 2015
For the month April we got a nice prize to battle for: Aliens Colonial Wars.
On or around the 1st of May 2015 we will announce who is the number one winner with the most kills and this person will receive the copy of Aliens Colonial Wars in their Steam account.

More Info: HERE


(Available on Steam ONLY) steamlogo.png (Available on Steam ONLY)

Mother of all Battles Weekend

MPF_Grand_Prize_Contest.png - Visit our Website | - Sign up Now

UltraAOW NewMaps 4.1 Mother of all Battles Weekend
In the "Mother of all Battles Weekend" we will set the max player count to 127 temporarily, we hope to see some great battles going on between Nod and GDI :)
Also, in this weekend you can win the game collection "Command and Conquer Ultimate Collection" on Origin which contains every frigging C&C game created!
All you have to do is be a member of our forums and play the weekend! The person ranked 1st will receive this prize code from me.
The players ranked in the top 3 with most kills will get the game Killing Floor on Steam!!

Starting on the morning of Friday the 3rd of April 2015 we will temporarily replace the rankings on UltraAOW NewMaps 4.1 with a clean one.
During the weekend it will collect player statistics and on Monday the 6th of April 2015 at midnight Dutch time GMT+1 it ends.
After the weekend the statistics will be restored to what they were and continue until the end of April 2015.

The Winner?

  • The number 1 who has the highest score wins the game prize C&C Ultimate Collection on Origin
  • The players ranked in the top 3 with most kills will get the game Killing Floor on Steam
Where can i lookup my stats?
Here: be cleaned when the weekend event starts)

Rules of Engagement?
Most important rules:
  • You cannot ever cheat on any of our servers
  • You cannot use advantage skins or models
  • You must be registered on our forums over here
  • You must have a Origin Account to receive the Prize
  • Anything you *think* is inappropiate should not be done, if in doubt: Ask a moderator or admin
Other important rules you should know about to avoid being (q)kicked, banned or excluded from the contest:
Please click here to review all server rules:

Other Requirements: TT 4.1
The Tiberian Technologies Update 4.1 for Renegade is required to play on the server.
You can download it on their official website if you do not already have it.
It adds lots of extra's, anti-cheat and a ingame automatic map-downloader, awesome stuff!

The Map Rotation
Skull_Isle Conquest_Winter MetroTS GreatUnder
Crevasse Hidden_Valley Quick_Draw Tropics
Uphill River_of_Hope Winterfell MtBog
Fjords Deth_River GlacierTS Winter_Assault
Canyon_Fortress Crevasse Cold_River RiverValley
Forgotten_Town BoxedInV4 Cracked MtPass
Oasis_Flying Alpine Infinite_Isle High_Noon
High_Altitude Vile_Facility Fortress2k4 River_Canyon
Cold_River Land_Day Cracked Cold_Valley
Creekdale_Fly Tib_Pit_3 Sand Industrial_Strength
River_RaidTS BunkersTS GreatWall City2
Deth_River Battleground River_of_Hope Detroit
Orca_Heights Tiberium_Temple Ocean_View Forest_Falls
Cold_Wall Snow Land_Night [GreatUnder]
Country_Meadow Airai Terrace FalcWhore
Hidden_Valley Country_Side SeasideSunset Lake_Garden
Tobruk Area81 Esco_Island Wasteland
FieldTS Urban_Warfare Dust_Training HillBilly_Valley
Cold_Waters SeasideCanyon TheCanyon Tomb
Pacific BattleForMidway DOM_Tutorial Canyon_Fortress
Backstab Vile_Facility Tib_Pit_3 River_RaidTS
GreatWall Dawn_Raid Cliffs BlazingSands
Tiberium_Temple Bio BasinTS

ImperialKaskins's "Imperial Age D2" Maps
In ImperialKaskins's D2 map series there is the ability to deploy several vehicles and blockades with the Q, N, B keys or an Anti-Tank mine with M using the Sapper character.
Please download and run the keys.cfg installation file from here:

Active Server Plugins
Of course the server will run our own MPF_NewMaps.dll plugin which adds additional functionality to the server such as Veterancy and Special Crates & Power-ups.
Other plugins running on the server are for example the Team Donate and !ammo purchase ability every minute. Type !cmds for a list.
You can also type !swap to change teams with someone on the opposite team, or to balance the teams.
For a full list of modifications and adjustments please visit our Website.

Mappack is Available
You could download our Mappack before joining the server. This ensures you have all the maps already.
Then you will not experience (m)any ingame download dialogs which may take long if you have a slow(er) connection.
All you do is click Next, Next, wait for it to install the maps and then you're done and ready to join.

Thanks people for reading this and maybe joining up the Weekend.
Let's kick some ass! :)

New Mappack & Keys Config

We've put up a new download for our Mappack and Keys Configuration file.
The mappack v.26 is now once again fully updated to our server content.
The keys config contains a new entry for Chinook Vehicle Transport abilities which will be used on Imperial Age maps in the near future.

You can download them from our Downloads Area @:
- Download Mappack Here (1.24GB)
- Download MPF Keys Configuration Here(160KB)

Have fun ppl :)

Welcome r3surr3ctx

As MPF's newest Half Mod on staff: [member=r3surr3ctx]
Welcome and fresh meet guys and gals!!! Whohooooo! lol

New RenHelp & Community Modding Foru...


New Mapping & Modding Area
We've created a new forum category for your mapping and modding needs.
Wether you have questions or want to show off your map/mod progress, this is the public forum to goto:

Upgrade to RenHelp content
The RenHelp category we are running for Renegade Tutorials has been upgraded as well.
View the revised RenHelp HERE
To add tutorials click the "Add Record" button at the top-right. Then select your options and write the actual Tutorial you have in mind.
Remember to use the built in attachment uploader for your tutorial images and do not link off-site.

Thanks for your submissions people and have fun on our websites.

UltraAOW Trailer

Watch our video trailer and see why on earth you should join us :) Created by Bazil, Kenz and Mauler.

Tiberium Crystal War

An awesome standalone conversion of the Renegade Engine with CnC3 buildings, units, and assets in a First Person Shooter. (website)