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Feb 22 2015 | Hi Samurai7, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving MPF with your donation. (say thanks)
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New: Renegade Imperial Age

Visit official website...
For all those who want to play ImperialKaskins's masterpieces online we decided to prepare a Standalone Installation of the game which can be ran without having Renegade Installed.
Click the button below to view the information page on indiedb, vote for us and download it:
Renegade Imperial Age Renegade Imperial Age 1.0

Server Status

NewMaps |(605) |5vs4 |(3685)|C&C_River_RaidTS.mix | NewMaps Stats Here
NewMapsMarathon |(0) |0vs0 |(0)|C&C_Mt.Bog_D2.mix | Marathon Stats Here.

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Kickass Serverside Modification

Welcome to the UltraAOW.com information page for the Serverside Modification UltraAOW.
Ultra All Out War developed by MPF-Games is a serverside modification with a bunch of new extra commands, new custom taunt sounds, custom player text and icon tags, killingspree notifications, player bounty hunting, purchasable defenses, special powerups and special crates.

We also have our own Veterancy System integrated into the server. You can achieve 12 levels of veterancy: Amateur, Experienced, Corporal, Sergeant, Advanced, Vanguard, Veteran, Ensign, Elite, Lieutenant, Commando & Hero which all have their extra's and upgrades such as additional weaponry, extra health or armor and even health or armor regeneration.

Our server requires you to be running the latest Tiberian Technologies script updated files which at the time of writing is version 4.1 Final
If you do not already have it then please get the client installation from their official website below:
tiberiantechnologies official download site

In addition to 4.1, many G10 and MPF maps require a special keys.cfg to execute commands on the server for deploying vehicles, placing obstacles and mines and other functions. You can download this file here.

Using TT 4.1 Final Update you can download maps while connecting or playing on our server automatically. However if you have a somewhat slower connection that may cause lag issues sometimes. We also provide a mappack which you can download and pre-install before joining, this way you rarely need to download anything while ingame. You can download the mappack here (894MB).

Also note you will be able to join our server through RenList's GSA features
In addition to RenList you may also connect to our server through XWIS by selecting the serverhost 'newmaps' or 'snipers'. For instructions to use XWIS please see this link (valid serial required).

Latest News

Rankings Reset

By: zunnie on Feb 28 2015

The rankings were just reset.
So you will all have to begin at zero again :P
Have fun ppl :)

New Build for Tiberium Crystal War 1.52 ...

By: zunnie on Feb 13 2015


Visit Website | Download Here (750MB) | Screenshots

We have re-launched the dedicated server for our Tiberium Crystal War game.
It was offline for a few months due to GameSpy shutting down and the Launcher stopping to work because of it.
With this update (the game is the same as before) the launcher will function again and you can join the server and play.

Have fun! :)

Launcher by CireX:

TTFS Downloads Moved

By: zunnie on Jan 26 2015

We've moved the files for our TTFS (the files your game downloads when joining) to an alternative location.

We dont expect any errors with this but there may be, if it happens that you cannot download a package or file through the ingame downloader please let us know.

Thanks & Have fun.

New Mappack & Map

By: zunnie on Jan 21 2015

New Mappack v24.0
Download Mappack 24.0
New mappack is available which contains all of our content for the server.

New Imperial Map: Mountain Bog
Discuss this map | View Screenshot
The map design is based off an old map called Mountain_Pass which were redesign from ground up.
It is a map with only Land vehicles.
Have fun ppl :)

New Mappack v22.0

By: zunnie on Dec 09 2014


A new mappack was released just now which contains the latest content for our server :)
Have fun ppl and thanks for joining us :)

UltraAOW Trailer

Watch our video trailer and see why on earth you should join us :) Created by Bazil, Kenz and Mauler.

Renegade-X Beta 3

Try out the Beta 3 for Renegade-X. Battle in high-end graphical environments, superb quality models and great gameplay. (website)