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Kickass Serverside Modification

Welcome to the information page for the Serverside Modification UltraAOW.
Ultra All Out War developed by MPF is a serverside modification with a bunch of new extra commands, new custom taunt sounds, custom player text and icon tags, killingspree notifications, player bounty hunting, purchasable defenses, special powerups and special crates.

We also have our own Veterancy System integrated into the server. You can achieve 12 levels of veterancy: Amateur, Experienced, Corporal, Sergeant, Advanced, Vanguard, Veteran, Ensign, Elite, Lieutenant, Commando & Hero which all have their extra's and upgrades such as additional weaponry, extra health or armor and even health or armor regeneration.

Our server requires you to be running the latest Tiberian Technologies script updated files which at the time of writing is version 4.2 Final
If you do not already have it then please get the client installation from their official website below:
tiberiantechnologies official download site

In addition to 4.2, many D3 and MPF maps require a special keys.cfg to execute commands on the server for deploying vehicles, placing obstacles and mines and other functions. You can download the automatic installer here or the manual installation zip here.

Using TT 4.2 Final Update you can download maps while connecting or playing on our server automatically. However if you have a somewhat slower connection that may cause lag issues sometimes. We also provide a mappack which you can download and pre-install before joining, this way you rarely need to download anything while ingame. You can download the mappack here (1.15GB).

Also note you will be able to join our server through RenList's GSA features
In addition to RenList you may also connect to our server through XWIS by selecting the serverhost 'newmaps' or 'snipers'. For instructions to use XWIS please see this link (valid serial required).

Latest News

Mother of all Battles #2

MPF_Grand_Prize_Contest.png - Visit our Website | - Sign up Now

UltraAOW NewMaps: Mother of all Battles Weekend #2
In the "Mother of all Battles Weekend" we will set the max player count to 126 temporarily, we hope to see some great battles going on between Nod and GDI :)
Also, in this weekend you can win the game collection "Sanctum 2 Complete" on Steam which contains everything for Sanctum 2's DLC's and the game itself!
All you have to do is be a member of our forums and play the weekend! The person with the most "real" buildings destroyed will receive this prize from me.

Starting on the morning of Friday the 9th of October 2015 we will temporarily replace the rankings on UltraAOW NewMaps with a clean one.
During the weekend it will collect player statistics and on Monday the 12th of October 2015 at midnight Dutch time GMT+1 it ends.
After the weekend the statistics will be restored to what they were and continue as normal.

More information about the weekend event here!

Unit promoted: r3surr3Ktx

We've promoted [member=r3surr3Ktx] to a Renegade Server Admin and he has access to our server to restart it and stuff in case of a crash.
This nab has been very helpful with us primarily with the download section, selecting new maps for the server rotation and general testing.
After months of respectful activity around here we decided to promote him to a Renegade Server Admin so he can perform additional tasks in the game and the forums.
His primary usergroup is still Download Manager though but he is ALSO a Renegade Server Admin.

Any issues with regards of downloads or the renegade server may be directed to him as well :)

Congrats man.

Server offline for updates! BACK ONL...

We are installing some old new maps on the server, it will be back up shortly ;)

Edit: Server is online again :)

Rotation Adjustment Testing for NewMaps

Tonight there will be a second NewMaps server online with the joinpassword "newmaps".
It is a clone of the primary NewMaps server.

Why we do this? So we can install a couple of new (old?) maps and test them out for our rotation.

The maps will NOT be available through the downloader on this test server so you must have the .mix files in your Data folder.
Most .mix files can be installed by using our UberMapPack 2015.

If you want to help us test the maps and give your honest opinion about them before we add them into rotation you are free to join us in this server :)

Note: In the end it is up to Kickmofo, FeaR and me what maps will be in rotation. If people really really don't like a certain map they can always !skip vote it.

Thanks for joining and helping decide!

PS: The IRC channel is #NewMapsTest on for anyone who needs to !auth, or just join it if you like.

Grand Prize Contest - Results

Results are in after some delay. Click the link for more information and see who are the winners!

CLICK HERE to View the Winners for August 2015

UltraAOW Trailer

Watch our video trailer and see why on earth you should join us :) Created by Bazil, Kenz and Mauler.

Tiberium Crystal War

An awesome standalone conversion of the Renegade Engine with CnC3 buildings, units, and assets in a First Person Shooter. (website)